Believing the World Will Be OK

[above image: Students in Denton Avenue Elementary School in New York share some feedback with iEARN-USA staff.]   iEARN-USA is honored to be one of the first Top-Rated Awards of 2014 on Great NonProfits!  Thank you for all the great reviews and support, like this lovely review from our long-time partner Wendy Jewell of the […]

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Apply for the First Annual Digital Innovation in Learning Awards

Are you a boundary buster, a trailblazer, a sharer? Do you “walk the walk” and believe that it is “better together?”  Here is an opportunity for educational leaders from across the world to highlight their critical efforts to transform education through globally connected learning. Digital Promise and EdSurge are hosting the first annual Digital Innovation in Learning Awards(DILAs) to […]

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What If Every Student Could Have a Meaningful Cross-Cultural Experience?

We are committed to giving every student– regardless of age, geographic location, or socio-economic background– the opportunity to have a meaningful cross-cultural experience as part of his or her education. For 25 years, we’ve seen the results of globally connected, project-based teaching and learning, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive across the board. We’d love […]

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For Online Learning, It’s Who You Know

The national conversation about online learning has focused on what and how, but has given with whom short shrift. In his remarks this week to the Foreign Service Institute Overseas Security Seminar, US Secretary of State John Kerry underscored the importance of “with whom,” highlighting virtual exchange as a key US government strategy to provide educators and youth with a meaningful […]

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A Kenyan Homecoming

For the past 25 years, iEARN educators, like Deanne McBeath from Trenton, New Jersey, have helped create an alternative to the “us vs. them, online vs. face-to-face, virtual vs. physical” construct. Perhaps the zero-sum framing of online vs. face-to-face learning and virtual vs. physical exchange is inevitable. Resources are constrained. Our education system is not […]

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Bridges That Need to Be Built

  Last fall, we introduced the Christopher Stevens Youth Network, an Exchange 2.0 effort that will offer complementary physical and virtual exchanges for 10,000 students and 400 educators in 20 countries. iEARN will support online project-based learning focused on eight thematic units: conflict resolution and peace education, the environment, civic education, social entrepreneurship, empowering girls […]

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