Changing Teaching Through Global Project-Based Learning

Teaching is changing. We’re educating students for jobs that don’t exist yet using technologies that haven’t been invented. -Katherine, Pattonville High School Teacher Through global project collaborations, iEARN educators are meeting the challenge of teaching students for tomorrow and equipping them with the 21st Century Skills they will need to succeed in their future academic, […]

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A Kenyan Homecoming

For the past 25 years, iEARN educators, like Deanne McBeath from Trenton, New Jersey, have helped create an alternative to the “us vs. them, online vs. face-to-face, virtual vs. physical” construct. Perhaps the zero-sum framing of online vs. face-to-face learning and virtual vs. physical exchange is inevitable. Resources are constrained. Our education system is not […]

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iEARN at 25: A Teddy Bear Picnic

We’re celebrating our furry friends today, and invite you to join our Teddy Bear Picnic. The iEARN Teddy Bear Project has been a favorite of hundreds of thousands of teachers and students in more than 8,000 schools worldwide since 1996, and we’re spending the day sharing stories, images, and the joy of global collaboration in […]

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Boo! Halloween and Folk Tales

As classrooms, school hallways and homes across the country are decorated and buzzing in the spirit of Halloween (October 31st, 2012), what better time to reflect on the origins of the day and engage your students in storytelling and research as part of a global project while their motivation and excitement is dizzying? Do you […]

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