My Name Around the World

iEARN teachers and students are familiar with the My Name Around the World project. In it, students share the story of their names by creating posts in iEARN’s Collaboration Center.

Do they have a nickname? Were they named after a famous person? What does their name mean?!

We’re all about flipping things here at iEARN. We decided to get to know some of the teachers and collaborators attending the conference by having them do a simple, impromptu version of the ever popular My Name Around the World project.

Hi! Where are you from?


What is your name?

Alexandre Castanha (He’s the gentleman in the picture at the top of the page, in case you were wondering)

What does it mean?

“Nuts…Well that’s what Castanha means”

I also have two middle names. “Rojas” from my mother and “Belli” from my grandfather.

Do you have a nickname?


When did you first start collaborating with iEARN and why?

Today! I have a lot of friends and colleagues some of whom are on the iEARN-Brasil board. They’ve been trying to have me join forever, but I’ve just been busy. This is the first i-EARN activity I’ve done.

Awesome – and welcome!

Below are some bonus pictures from the opening ceremony. Enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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