Want to make a difference? Help support students around the world to learn about and with each other.

Making a Difference!

Dear iEARN Friends,

As we come together around the July 4th holiday in the US and annual iEARN Conference in Brazil, the two of us are reminded that these events provide opportunities to come together for iEARN and for its vision that the world can be a more peaceful and just place if young people learn and act on that learning with each other.

We hope you’ll take a moment and reflect on your iEARN experience and on the individuals you first met through this amazing network.

For Ed it was Peter Copen with whom Ed came together in 1990 to explore a crazy idea that young people could use connective technology to engage globally.  In 2015, it’s sometimes hard to imagine the extent to which that crazy idea is now taken for granted.  What a distance we have moved the world!

For Lisa, it was teaching in South Africa and seeing first hand the power of technology and collaboration to bridge communities.  And, then joining Ed and iEARN in 1997 and getting to work every day since with educators and youth worldwide who are using their lives and their learning for positive impact.

Who was it who transformed your life by introducing you to iEARN?

We’re writing to share with you the iEARN-USA 2014 Annual Report.  It highlights some of the transformation that continues to happen to thousands of individuals on a daily basis in the network.

DonateWe’re also writing to request your help to make it possible for others to come together with iEARN—through additional teacher and youth events, workshops, membership scholarships and new technologies.  We hope you will provide a gift to iEARN-USA in the name of that person for whom you are permanently in debt for introducing you to iEARN!!

And if you would like to share a story and/or a photo of how you initially came together with iEARN, we’d love to share a few stories as we move into the next school year.

We hope you will join us to come together with and for iEARN,

Ed Gragert Lisa Jobson
Ed Gragert Lisa Jobson

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