Changing Teaching Through Global Project-Based Learning

Teaching is changing. We’re educating students for jobs that don’t exist yet using technologies that haven’t been invented.
-Katherine, Pattonville High School Teacher

Through global project collaborations, iEARN educators are meeting the challenge of teaching students for tomorrow and equipping them with the 21st Century Skills they will need to succeed in their future academic, professional, and personal lives. In the following two videos produced by micro-documentaries, iEARN-USA Ambassadors Katherine Korte and Kathy Bosiak share about their global project experiences, give advice for other teachers on global project-based learning, and present their vision for the future of education.

As alumni of the Chris Stevens Youth Network (CSYN), a program sponsored by the State Department’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs to connect high schools in the U.S. with the Middle East and North Africa, Katherine and Kathy participated in an online course in the Spring of 2013 to connect and plan global projects with other educators from 19 other countries. Both Katherine and Kathy also attended the CSYN Master Trainer workshop in Doha, Qatar before the iEARN 2013 International Conference.

In the first video, Katherine shares her thoughts on how to prepare students for an interconnected world. She gives her advice to new teachers looking to start a global project and outlines a few planning steps for first time iEARN teachers. Katherine also started a global education cohort at her school in Maryland Heights, Missouri to lead other teachers in globalizing their classroom.

Kathy, a science teacher in Lincolnton North Carolina, finds innovative ways for connecting her students to other youth around the world through her class science projects. The following video describes her students’ process in creating, collaborating, modifying, and presenting their solar cooking project to their global peers.

Since their participation in the course and workshop, Katherine and Kathy have guided their students to participate in many different iEARN projects that align with their curriculum. Katherine’s class projects, for Anthropology and Government courses, include the Kindred Project, Future Citizen, and Alternate Reality. Kathy students in Earth Science classes have worked on the Solar Cooking Project and will start a new project call Nature’s Global Zoo in January, 2015.

Join Katherine and Kathy’s vision for the future of education and connect students to learn with the world at

If we connect youth, we’ve now connected future adults, and when you connect future adults, and you have no sense of fear between them and you have trust and a celebration of their culture, you’ve created the potential for a pretty good future world.
-Kathy, Lincolnton High School Teacher

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