Voyage: My Desire to Serve Community (MDSC)

“Unforgettable thing happened in the last day. The representative from Oman Newspaper was an important thing that gave us more motivation and responsibility toward this project, because it was not just for one person but it was for the whole community to work together as one hand.”

Student, Sa’ada Basic Education School, Oman

Chris Stevens Youth Network

picsart_1398363931274 Sa’ada Basic Education students exhibiting and selling their final, workshopped products

Students from Sa’ada Basic Education School in Oman came together this year for an exciting month of fun, collaborative, and productive service work. Students chose a social entrepreneurial theme to launch them into the larger iEARN project “VOYAGE,” which stands for Volunteers of Youth Age. Given the emphasis on community service, students paired up with friends from Al-Wafa Center for Children with Special Needs to collaborate on a number of events and design workshops that would take place over the course of the month. The students’ project went above and beyond as it was adopted and supported by the Youth Development Center for Seminars and Conferences, providing them with funding, materials, and publicity.

Sa’ada Basic students worked closely with the students from Al-Wafa Center to find optimal entry points and most beneficial workshops for all participating students. While the workshops had design as their common…

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