Girls Empowering Women

Great example of how iEARN’s global projects give youth the opportunity for a deeper understanding of global and local issues as part of their curriculum.

Chris Stevens Youth Network

Out of the many themes of the Chris Stevens Youth Network, Wafa Yasir Khamis Al.Rawah and her students in Oman were most excited to delve deeper into the topic of women empowerment. During the last four decades, starting with the Renaissance in the sultanate of Oman lead by Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, women have received many rights and been encouraged to work shoulder to should with their male counterparts. However, despite the fact that Oman provides free education through secondary school, many women still do not pursue their education. In some traditional circumstances, women marry at an early age and are unable to continue their studies. Furthermore, there is a general lack of awareness about the value and importance of education for women.


The students presented to a group of women including students’ mothers about the importance of education with the theme of “Educate a girl, save a society.” At the end…

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