Learning is Now …

… digital, mobile, social, lifelong, & connected globally.

So is iEARN.

Since 1988, iEARN has helped develop the field of globally connected learning. iEARN’s online, cross-cultural educator-driven projects have harnessed the tremendous potential of the web as a laboratory for learning and creating, and making classroom curriculum relevant to real life and real work. iEARN is used by hundreds of thousands of students, educators, and administrators in 140 countries to use new technologies to engage in meaningful, sustained discussions on local and global issues.

The iEARN Technology Team is pleased to announce the release of a new mobile iPhone app as part of iEARN’s Collaboration Centre – a global online space where educators and youth connect to learn together through global projects and discussions using interactive forums, searchable people and project databases, and exchange of youth-produced multimedia.

With this app, members can:

  • Post and respond to messages on the group forums they have joined
  • Attach photos from their Camera Roll to their posts
  • View photos, videos and files other members have posted
  • Opt-in to receive push notifications when their groups have new activity

To join the Collaboration Centre and connect with partner classes around the world, register at collaborate.iearn.org.  Visit the Apple Store to download the iEARN Collaboration Centre iPhone app.

For 26 years, iEARN has shown how to engender trust and respect among K-12 educators and students through a sustained, online, inclusive, collaborative project-based learning environment. iEARN is pleased to offer this new mobile to its members to engender problem-solving and critical thinking; develop leadership and technology skills; create cutting-edge language tools and resources; and encourage community service across the globe.


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