The 4th Annual Global Education Conference

GEC SPonsorJoin us again this year for the fourth annual Global Education Conference, a free week-long online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world, to be held Monday, November 18 through Friday, November 22, 2013 (Saturday, November 23rd in some time zones).  iEARN-USA is a founding partner of the Global Education Conference, which is helping build momentum for the connected education movement that is transforming teaching and learning around the world.

Each year, iEARN educators, youth, and other partners have given keynote and program sessions that share examples and collaborative projects related to connecting classrooms and youth programs, with a strong emphasis on promoting global awareness, fostering global competency, and inspiring action towards solving real–world problems. iEARN presentations this year will include:

Making International Education for Everyone – David Potter.

My Hero Learning Circles and Call to Action – Wendy Millet and Wendy Jewel.

IIME develops 21st century skills through international collaborative learning – Atsuko Shiwaka.

Able-bodied Individual’s Perceptions of People with Disabilities– Dr. Jamal Din Slimani. 

Join Radijojo World Children’s Media Network: Award winning global competency empowerment for your students – Thomas Rohlinger. 

Photojournalism 2.0 and 2.014 Engaging Educators in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tajikistan and the United States – Nicole Weitzner. Farah Kamal, Firuz Baratov.

Internationalization of learning in experiences in collaborative project “Our Rivers, Our World”– Rajib Lochan Das.

Passport to the World-Susie Oh.

Improve your Skills as a Global Education through Action Researcher –  Margaret Riel

Connecting Classrooms in the U.S., Middle East, and North Africa through Online Projects – Jennifer Russell. 

iEARN Local History Project as a tool to develop the 21st Century Skills and enhange cross-cultural dialogue – Rimma Zhukova, Patty Wu, Hiba Kheirbik.

In Our Global Village – Barbara Cervone.

Student Driven Environmental Projects – Kathy Bosiak and students.

International School Award – Tariq Refaat Bahi Eldin.

Daffodil and Tulips Project and Talking Kites on the Footsteps of J. Korczak – Ruty Hotzen.

Building Upon Your Physical Exchange Experience – Bethany Kreider. 

Global Project Based Learning and 21st Century Skills are dialectically connected – Samah AlJundi, Hiba Kheirbeik & Yousef Alhayek.

iEARN participants are invited to submit proposals by November 15 and are requested to tag their proposals with “2013iEARN” so that they can be included in the iEARN calendar of activities happening as part of the event. Enjoy last year’s iEARN keynotes by Narcîs Vives and Héla Nafti and we hope to see you next week!

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