Learning With The World, Not Just About It

From iEARN-USA’s new executive director, Daniel Rosenblum:

I am honored to join iEARN-USA as executive director as we celebrate our 25th birthday. Looking to the future, our goal is to expand access to online exchange and project-based learning to all schools in the United States, regardless of socio-economic background, age or geographic location.

Through our secure Collaboration Centre, iEARN-USA connects American educators and youth to their peers in over 140 countries for collaborative learning and dialogue.  In doing so, we are strengthening international education, broadening global awareness, and preparing young Americans for the professional, economic and geopolitical challenges of the 21st century.

From modest beginnings in 1988, today our global digital community and learning network has expanded to 50,000 teachers and 2 million students worldwide.

The iEARN model has built enduring relationships.  On my first day at iEARN-USA, I had the privilege of meeting Russian teachers and students from one of the 12 original Moscow schools that participated with U.S. schools in the first iEARN virtual exchange a quarter century ago.  After 25 years, their relationship with iEARN is going strong!

As our online education network grows, we have vastly increased the diversity and number of students experiencing cross-cultural communication over what would be possible by physical exchanges alone.

But while opportunities for cross-cultural exchange are expanding rapidly in many countries around the world, only a small fraction of U.S. high school students currently have access to some kind of international experience, whether physical or virtual.

That’s why I hope you will join us in celebrating iEARN’s 25th birthday by contributing to our goal of raising $25,000 by July 31. We’re excited to announce that all donations will be matched dollar for dollar by members of the Board and staff until we reach our goal, so please consider giving this summer.

With your support, iEARN-USA can reach out to more schools in the U.S. to provide opportunities for educators and youth to experience international collaboration as part of their education. We can also train more teachers through webinars and face-to-face workshops.

We are all in this world together. The challenges are many. Everyone benefits when we learn with the world, not just about it!

US High School Students in Taiwan Studying Mandarin on the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) Program
US High School Students in Taiwan Studying Mandarin on the National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) Program sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State.

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