Bringing Global Connections to Life in @lgeria

ELT@lgeria 5th AnniversaryThe team at iEARN-USA invites you to join us in celebrating the 5th anniversary of ELT@lgeria, which facilitates iEARN in Algeria. ELT@lgeria was created in January 2008 by Mr.Mustapha Louznadji, founder and president of the Association of Teachers of English and Inspector of National Education, and Ms. Kheira Mezough, educator and webmaster. For five years, ELT@lgeria has served as a space for educators to share teaching experiences and practices, to build relationships, to engage in reflective practice, and to have interactive opportunities that develop and broaden their existing knowledge.

Last week, Mr. Louznadji spoke eloquently about the accomplishments of ELT@lgeria:

From articles on different educational issues to courses on teaching practices, from teacher true stories to critical school situations to reflect on, from poems, games and other contributions to advertising books written by Algerian

authors, from downloadable teaching materials related to the curriculum to exam papers designed by teachers and supervisors, from students project work to teachers project pedagogy, from case-studies, to educators’ professional development, from supporting teachers in their teaching practices  to praising and celebrating the teacher of the year… These wonderful achievements made in improving education outcomes since January 22, 2008 are the product of ELT@lgeria team hard work they have put passionately into the website.

But, if you take the time to truly think about it, you will realize that our achievement is only a small step away as compared to what is done in the field of education. To all educators here today, we are proud to celebrate the 5th anniversary, but we have to consider this progress as an extension of our ‘learning’ career, and we sincerely hope that we continue to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you when collaborating with iEARN and other forms of education.Algeria_TeachersDay

We’d love your help to enable as many U.S. teachers and students to learn with, not just about, their peers in Algeria and across the Arab world. We’re excited to offer a limited number of online course scholarships to U.S. high school teachers new to iEARN. Teachers who complete the course may also have a chance to participate in iEARN’s Annual Conference in Qatar in July 1- 6, 2013.

Congratulations to the team at ELT@lgeria and we look forward to learning with you, not just about you, for many years to come.

 iEARN @lgeria 25th Anniversary Graphic

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