Bringing Global Connections to Life in Bahrain

iEARN Bahrain Exhibit Booth at iEARN Annual Conference, Egypt, 2007

iEARN-USA is proud to be a partner of iEARN-Bahrain, and in 2013 we seek to enable as many U.S. and Bahraini educators and students as possible to connect, to learn from each other to build lasting friendships.

iEARN in Bahrain began in 2003 with support from the US Embassy, Manama, and the Ministry of Education.  Impressed by the project work of students and teachers at Al Ma’arifa Secondary School (Moving Voices; What is Sacred to Me); Ahmed Al-Omran and Isa Town Secondary Schools (My Hero); and Khawla Secondary School for Girls (One Day in My Life; My Country; International Teen Scrapbook), and other schools, the Ministry of Education set the goal of expanding iEARN into every secondary school in the country by 2010.

Khawla students are active in the annual Global Youth Service Day.
Khawla students are active in the annual Global Youth Service Day.

iEARN participants in Bahrain have embraced Global Youth Service Day and have participated in both iEARN’s Adobe Youth Voices and Global Connections and Exchange Programs:

In 2008, iEARN-Bahrain hosted the first Adobe Youth Voices Regional Workshop for Gulf Countries at the University of Bahrain’s E-Learning Center. Ten educators from Oman, UAE, and Bahrain examined youth media in both theory and practice, and discussed ways to use multimedia to promote youth engagement in their classrooms and communities.

On April 21-22, 2010, a two-day AYV workshop was held for 23 educators at the NY Institute for Technology. The first day of the workshop the participants had training on Adobe Photoshop software, and the second day the training was on Adobe Premiere Elements software. The workshop, made possible through support from the Adobe Foundation, was hosted by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Bahrain and iEARN-Bahrain.

As part of the Global Connections and Exchange Program, a delegation of four students and one teacher from the Khawla School for Girls traveled for a three-week home-stay visit to The College of Staten Island High School for International Studies (CSI) in Staten Island, New York City in 2006. This was the first-ever US government-sponsored visit of Bahraini high school students to the United States.

The 2006 Khawla School for Girls – College of Staten Island High School for International Studies exchange was the first-ever US government-sponsored visit of Bahraini high school students to the United States.

At the time, CSI Principal Aimee Horowitz, now Superintendent of High Schools at New York City Department of Education, shared:

Students who participate in this exchange certainly realize how similar teenagers from all over the world are and how much they have in common.  Both online and in person exchanges promote dialogue among students, dispel stereotypes and promote understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.  [Global Connections] is one of the most valuable experiences students can participate in.”

Lead teacher Nancy Kaplan, who worked with CSI administrators to organize and select US host families and prepare CSI students and the school for the Bahraini arrival, noted:

collaborative global exchanges, either online or in person, are essential in the twenty-first century in order to foster understanding and friendship.  I feel strongly that the Bahraini/NYC exchange is a wonderful opportunity to learn from each other and build lasting friendships.  It is my goal to continue our dialogue through Internet forums and live teleconferences.

Students at the Khawla Secondary School for Girls participate in many IEARN projects.

Please join us virtually or in-person in Qatar this July to learn with our peers in Bahrain, not just about them.

iEARN-Bahrain Country Coordinator Amani Amer (second from right) met with David Edginton, Public Affaris Officer, and Fife MacDuff, Regional English Language Officer, at the U.S. Embassy in Manama in September to discuss the future of the iEARN program. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Ahlam Al Amer, the head of the First Educational District
for Academic and Development Affairs at the Bahraini Ministry of Education.

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