YES Means The World To Us

Throughout the month of November, YES and YES Abroad Program Alumni participated in a video call-to-action. Alumni in over 40 countries where asked to submit short videos answering the question, “What does YES mean to you” in honor of the 10th Anniversary of the Kennedy-Lugar YES Program.The video headlines the virtual kick-off party, which occurs on December 12, 2012 through all social media platforms.

Click here to see the video on Vimeo.

Featuring alumni from, Malaysia, Phillipines, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Mozambique, Macedonia, Nigeria, Jordan, USA, Yemen, Lebanon, Pakistan, Egypt, India, West Bank, Israel (Arab Communities), Tanzania, Kuwait, and Sierre Leone, this video serves as a trailer for conversations and reflections on ten successful years of youth exchange through the Kennedy-Lugar YES Program.

If you are hungry and in Khir-Pur, Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Nigeria, Iowa, Indonesia, Tanzania, Ghana, Lebanon, Macedonia, West Bank, Sind, New York City, or anywhere with Internet access, we invite you for a piece of cake and to join the conversation by using the Twitter hashtag #KLYES10 or by visiting Facebook.

iEARN KLYES10Lahore #KLYES10 Celebration #KLYES10 Celebration#KLYES10 Celebration

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282577_10151359047455539_1697514033_nYES_Cake_Nigeria YES_Cake _Ghana YESCake_Tanzania31563_10151359047415539_1556300194_n#KLYES10 Celebration, Karachi, Pakistan, 12/12/12

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