We invite the iEARN community to join the chat this weekend and share their stories of connecting their classrooms globally

The Global Classroom Project

This month’s topic comes to us courtesy of David Potter (@iearnusa) in California. 

Eating Frogs for Global Classrooms

Last week’s Global Education Conference generated a boatload of future #globalclassroom chat topics! The sessions were remarkable: inspiring, thought-provoking, entertaining, spontaneous, classroom-friendly, and inclusive of all time zones, ages, and viewpoints.

Throughout the week, I kept thinking, why aren’t thousands of classrooms worldwide joining these totally awesome free, anytime, anywhere sessions this week? And, more to the point, why aren’t millions of teachers and students collaborating with partners worldwide every day? As @ktvee put it during #ntchat:


Perhaps not that easy for most educators yet, but after this December’s #globalclassroom chat, maybe easier!

The chat topic title comes from a nifty Global Education Conference keynote by the awesome social meda maven Beth Kanter. While discussing procrastination, Beth asked us to “eat that frog,” as explained by author Brian Tracy:

An old saying…

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  1. Hello everybody.
    As mentioned above, the GEC was a new “school” for the teachers and we learned a lot. I think it would be a great idea to continue the tradition and join the IEARN community to share ideas at the weekend. I would like to meet teachers from different parts of the world.

  2. Always fearing that no-one will respond to the chat questions, we were delighted to see the keen interest in this topic – all caused by frogs! There was humour, jokes, riddles, legal requirements, recipes, pictures of frog dishes but best of all some real sharing of the frogs that people do have in their classroom and ways to remove them. Sebastian in India related how they have lost their frogs – so much learning happening. People came out of the woodwork and created one of the best chats that I have seen! The hour was up before we had dealt fully with all the questions. Thanks for your creative topic and look forward to future ideas of yours!

    1. Thanks, Anne!

      The first chat was very engaging too– we didn’t come close to getting through our list of questions. Furthermore, we had some technical difficulties, which made the chat somewhat asynchronous. But this made our hour just that much better, in a way, because we had to work hard to make it work, just like teachers worldwide every day. Also, loved to “eating elephants” metaphor that evolved from the eating frogs theme. #globalclassroom are really something! Thanks for your part of making them so good.

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