Learning Circles

A Bulletin board produced by a Learning Circle classroom to show their school all the partners they worked with around the world

This Fall if you’re looking for a collaborative project with a weekly structure you might want to register for the next session of Learning Circles starting September 22nd, 2012 and ending January 15th, 2013.

Over 15 weeks (with a 1 week break over the holiday week in December) you’ll grouped with a small number of classrooms from around the world to work on a Learning Circle theme of your choice. See the themes for 2012-2013

The structure of a Learning Circle comes from it’s design of phases. The first phase, “Getting Ready” at the start of the course, prepares you for participation in the project. In the following phases you get to know other circle members and progress to working together under your selected theme, but with your own curriculum. Your circle closes with each classroom presenting a final product that demonstrates the quality of learning that has taken place. Learn more about Learning Circles.

Here’s a look at the final products from the circle that closed in May 2012

To register for the upcoming Learning Circles, you need to be a member of iEARN. For registered members, click here for information on how to register via our new Collaboration Centre.

4 thoughts on “Learning Circles

    1. Hi Maggie,

      Each Learning Circles “theme” (e.g. Computer Chronicles, My Hero, etc) has Circles for elementary, middle, and high school-level student and teacher participants.

      Some fantastic results from last May:

      Learning Circles is celebrating its 25th year this fall. Began by ATT in 1987, iEARN has hosted them since 1994, and they remain one of our most popular online professional development offerings:

      “The spirit of honoring the collective wisdom, and trusting the process to create deeper understanding — the heart of learning circles–remains constant regardless of their context. “

  1. Learning Circles is the best opportunity for any teacher to acquire experience in PBL and to understand the benefits of cooperation and of team working. I started my collaborative work withing Learning Circles in 1996 and I can say that I simply love this model of learning. Success to all teachers and students who will soon begin the fall session of LC!

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