Members Like You

We’ve had a blast this month experimenting with several new social media channels and the Crowdrise fundraising platform. We relish the reaching out to our friends, families, members, partners and the general public to share the stories of classrooms connecting worldwide for meaningful collaboration, and social media has super-sized our storytelling.

One such channel is GreatNonprofits, where iEARN members, donors, volunteers, and partners are able to post reviews, like this one from Anne Lambert:

The site is part of the Guidestar partnership network, for which iEARN-USA has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, demonstrating our commitment to transparency. We’re proud of our seal and our reviews, and we’re pleased to use platforms that help our members like Anne, George, Betsy and others share inspiring stories.

This winter we’ll be experimenting with even more storytelling tools. iEARN’’s 25th Anniversary is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to get started. Let us know if you have a favorite tool or site for sharing your iEARN stories. We’re happy to learn how to use just about anything, and share our stories of sharing stories on this blog.

Our member’s stories are a key part of our efforts to make the case that ALL of our young people, regardless of socio-economic background, age or geographic location should have the opportunity to experience international collaboration as part of their education. If you haven’t already donated to our August campaign, we hope you will contribute and help our community share its stories widely.

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