Global Projects to Start the New School Year

If you haven’t already visited our brand new Collaboration Centre here’s a video (with a catchy song) to get you in the mood for the new school year!

Following the video are some recommended projects that are active throughout the school year, but our members find successful for engaging their students in global collaborative project work at the start of the year.

My Name Around the world: On-going for a few years now, the My Name Project is a popular project for introducing students to global collaboration. The theme motivates them to use their creativity in writing by posting an acrostic poem of their name and sharing it with their peers around the world.

Side by Side: The visual impact of this project is moving – and fun, but it also creates a space to learn about other cultures. We launched our August Campaign around it’s theme.

Learning Circles: Registration is open now. Circles start in September and run through December. If you’re interested in working with a select grouping  of teachers and students from around the world committed to a specific timeframe and working on assigned weekly activities, this is the place to start.

Public Art: Art in this form is one of the most powerful ways to engage a community in reflection and dialogue. By researching, sharing and discussing local public artwork using Web 2.0 tools, your students will have a greater appreciation for the messages conveyed and their impact.

Teddy Bear: Don’t we love to send and receive a package in the mail! This visiting bear allows your students to learn about life in another country with a partner class and share your culture in a hands-on exciting way.

Holiday Card Exchange: Your students will learn about holidays and dates observed around the world by creating cards to send to their peers through postal mailings.

All iEARN global projects correlate to the Common Core State Standards. Visit our Professional Development page for sample project lesson plans by iEARN educators who have aligned their collaborations and curriculum to the standards.

For the full listing of projects in the coming year, visit the Collaboration Centre.

Also, remember to check into the iEARN Teacher’s Lounge to find partners, get updates on classroom activities across all projects, ask questions, share your learning and feel part of a global family of learners.

We’re looking forward to seeing the ways you bring the world into your classroom this year!

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