Super-Quick Thank You and Awesome Update

Thank you so much for the positive response to our August Side By Side campaign. We’ve already reached 58% of our goal, and our Crowdrise site is humming thanks to the education team at Intel, the Copen Family Fund, Cara, Marianna, Sandy, Miriam, Laurie, Janice, Tina, Erin, Leah, Ken, Glenn, Dara, Morgan & Patrick, Ken & Michele, two Minecraft players, and three rattlesnakes!  (Q. What is a pair of rattlers’ favorite iEARN project? A. Ssssssside by Ssssssside). We invite you to contribute, join our Crowdrise  team, subscribe to one of our social media channels, and share your stories of “learning with the world, not just about it.”

I am also proud to direct you to our latest Annual Report In 2011, the world was lit on fire by young people using new technologies to connect globally and take action. Check out how iEARN helped teachers worldwide to mobilize, empower and engage young people during this dramatic year. Feel free to download, share, send us feedback, and suggest stories for our next one.

Finally, stay tuned for the announcement of the lift-off of iEARN’s shiny new custom-built, cloud-based, Salesforce-powered Collaboration Centre.  iEARN coordinators around the globe are test-driving it this week, and we’re on target for a back-to-school launch any day now. Awesome.

Thanks again,
– Dave

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