Earth Friendly Summer Reading

One of my favourite Summer reading spots

Here on the east coast we’ve been fortunate to have had day-after-day of searingly hot summer weather (too hot for some!) I’ve spent every possible weekend and after work moment outdoors, from active sports to quiet moments reading under a tree.

It seems fitting that my summer reading would be a ode to our planet and nature! I started out reading  the 100 mile diet, which I’m slowly making a part of my lifestyle (easier in the summer when it’s a pleasure to walk outdoors and explore local markets!)  And recently a friend recommended Laurence Krauss’, ‘A Universe from Nothing.’ for an alternative read on our existence as a universe among many.  While I appreciate learning something new and a different perspective, the barrage of scientific concepts to keep up with might have put me to sleep under a tree, so I opted for the Youtube lecture instead!

I know many of you are also looking for ways to understand our universe, our planet, and how we can be less harmful to our natural environment.  This year’s Earth Day and Youth CaN celebrations were a lively indication that issues around earth care are so important to educators and youth around the US and internationally.  Earth Day celebrations in iEARN, which started as a discussion in the Teachers forum, will now be a year long project called Every day is Earth Day, starting in September 2012. If you are interested in join contact Irinia via the Teachers Forum.

So, in the spirit of expanding our knowledge about our planet and our interconnection with it, here are some books that you might want to take a look at this summer:

2012 Summer Reading List from the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

When you’re ready to prepare for the start of the school year (I know!) visit our projects page You can use the search function to find a variety of interdisciplinary projects that support earth friendly dialogue and collaboration.  Also, keep an eye out on our homepage for an announcement about the 2012-2013 iEARN project book coming out mid August/early September.

For now visit us in the iEARN Teachers Forum to share your thoughts on these books and other books you recommend to help us take better care of our planet.

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