Taking Action on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

iEARN-USA is pleased to support the World Summit Youth Award (WSYA), an annual celebration and network for young people under 30 years of age using the Internet, mobile phones or other digital media to put the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) into action.

The MDGs were set in 2000 by the UN to prompt member states and civil society to fight poverty, hunger and disease, inequalities, lack of education, and environmental degradation. The WSYA is organized as a follow-up activity of the World Summit on Information Society and its 2015 action plan. The WSYA is promoted in all UN member states through the networks of the World Summit Award (WSA), the UN Global Alliance for ICT, other participating UN Organizations and Agencies such as UNESCO and UNIDO, governments and NGOs, and youth organizations, such as TakingITGlobal and iEARN:

[WYSA Ambassador] Abraham Fergusson is living proof that the information superhighway can truly connect the world. This student of El Dorado Secondary Comprehensive has been surfing the Internet since he was 7 years old. He first became a “technophile” through his involvement with the International Education and Resource Network of Trinidad and Tobago (IEARNtnt). This non-profit group uses global communication technology to allow young people in Trinidad and Tobago to connect with [peers] around the world and become “global citizens.” Abe is an active member of the Port-of-Spain/Sister Cities UNESCO Youth Club, and a member of the Trincity Community Youth Group. By realizing the fear of natural disasters and learning the importance of life, while cooperating and collaborating with the aim of empowering the children of the region to build a network for the culture of disaster prevention through International Education and Risk Management Education, his “Local Action for Global Challenge” Natural Disasters Youth Summit and Global Safety Map Project was introduced for the fruitful future of the region, utilizing Information, Communication and Technology.

Read more of Abe’s story here.

All iEARN projects address one or more of the six categories of the WSYA. We invite you to register your project and share your story to help us move towards reaching the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Abe reporting to the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago about NDYS Taiwan
Abe Fergusson, WSYA Ambassador
Abe at the Prefecture’s Board of Education thanking Mr. Ryoichi Uetani for his support of NDYS.

One thought on “Taking Action on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

  1. Thank you so much for your collaborative learning like iEARN Projects,MDGs etc.I am a Lead Teacher of MDGs program in my school.In fact the this program has helping me in teaching activities.I am a mathematics teacher.My school name is Sacred Heart R/C JHS in Kumasi -Ghana.

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