It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

Staff members at iEARN-USA office in New York City.
From Top Left: Fei Zheng, Mandee Galbraith, Curtis Young, Lisa Jobson, Sam Mei.
From Bottom Left: Jennifer Russell, Deepti Pulavarthi, Aqeela Cutter.

One of the practices in our internal office communication culture is to send around an email subject-lined: “Warm and Fuzzy.”  A Warm and Fuzzy is teacher, student or project anecdote that lights up our day! With Teacher Appreciation Week we need only another reason to celebrate our global educators.

Thank you teachers for making the iEARN community what it is.  Your students are rewarded by your time and effort to have them learn with the world not just about it.  Thank you for all you do to make this a better world for all!” – Diane Midness, Director Face-to-Face Professional Development

Teachers everywhere have a lot to juggle, but what makes you so special is your passion and commitment to learning and growing. By continually pushing to expand your own knowledge and experiences, you set a wonderful example for your students.  Thank you teachers! Your enthusiasm is contagious and the work you do every day inspires us!”  – Mandee Galbraith, Membership Director

Growing up, my favorite teachers all nudged me to explore the world beyond the classroom. Now, I have nearly 50,000 iEARN teachers inspiring me to do the same. There is no other professional work I’d rather be doing than working with teachers worldwide to to help millions of students learn with the world, not just about it.” – David Potter, Development Director

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from us at iEARN-USA! You make this family of learners and doers what it is today; a lively and engaged community working together to celebrate human experiences around the world, and find solutions to problems affecting us all.

We celebrate you this week and all throughout the year!

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