The Power of Education Technology Amidst the Arab Spring

iEARN Egypt StudentsEarlier this Spring Ed Gragert, Director Emeritus at iEARN-USA, moderated a live meeting at COSN, with iEARN educators Eliane Metni in Lebanon, Hela Nafti from Tunsia and Arwa Al-Awadi from Yemen.

The 50 minute online round table began with the question,“What was the impact of technology on the revolution in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Lebanon?” and continued to explore how technology is impacting change movements and activism among young iEARNers around the world.

Some highlights:

  • Young people are sharing digital stories, and in fact many used social media (Facebook and Twitter) for the first time to reach out to the world,
  • Students are engaging other students,
  • There is a push and openness to provide teachers with the tools to be engaged in social change to make a difference in schools,
  • Observations in gender gaps when using technologies for social change?,
  • This movement has enabled educators and students to explore the use of mobile technologies in schools?

Click here to the full session here.

During the session Ed shared a Youtube video from a student in Yemen,who participated in the One Day in the life  project

How are you and your students using technology for social change?

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