Earth Day: iEARN Educators around the World Get Involved

Overuse of Plastic Bottles
Earth Day follows YouthCaN, a student led environmental conference that took place on April 2nd. Here, iEARN students in Philadelphia, who started a recycling program to raise awareness within their school and community about the overuse of plastic bottles, present their work.

Sunday April 22nd is Earth Day. In the lead up to Earth Day,  iEARN educators from around the world have been posting about events they are preparing, and the ways that they will raise awareness with their students to protect the natural environment that sustains us.

In the iEARN Teachers Forum, Irina Knyazkova from Russia posted a discussion inviting peers to “Take photos, draw, create PPT or video. I’d like teachers and students to tell what they know about this holiday, about the ecological problems in their regions, about the ways of saving the Earth…You may take photos of your students clearing the streets, gathering garbage…or simply create [a Powerpoint presentation] devoted to this day… If your students are small (grades 2-4) they can draw pictures, for example, my little ones will draw pictures on the theme “What should I do to make the Earth clean?” …and upload them [to] iEARN. ”

Irina received many responses from teachers in Senegal, Azerbijan, Romania, Oman, Russia, Morocco, Canada, Ukraine, Tunisia, Pakistan, and the U.S to join her in commemoration of Earth Day.

Another project that fits in well with Earth Day is OF2, Our Footprints, Our Future. You can launch your Earth Day activities by having students calculate their carbon footprint.

We invite you to join these discussions , support Earth Day, and view student presentations on how we can take better care of our planet.

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