Valentine’s Day across the world

Valentines day wall at Village Charter School, Trenton, NJ

iEARNer’s around the US and the world believe everyday is about collaboration and the love of “learning with the the world, not just about it”, but today is a special day that we can use to celebrate the connections we have made through global collaborative project work.

Titled, “Valentine Greetings sent from USA to Russia,” Elementary school educator Deanne McBeath from Trenton, New Jersey, posted this comment and video in our One day in the Life project forum.

“It has been a joy and pleasure to work with my friend Irina in Russia. She has taught me so much about sharing experiences using PowerPoint, movies, art, music. See our latest…. ”

One day in the Life is collaborative project co-facilitated by Chris Baer, from Martha’s Vineyard,¬†Massachusetts, and Marta Garcia Lorea in Buenos Aires, Argentina. “Students write about, photograph, and discuss their daily lives, both on ordinary days and on special occasions.”

Visit our projects that encourage the love of learning all year round.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day across the world

  1. Thanks Mary! You and your students have certainly shown a lot of love for collaboration this year as well!

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