Bringing Global Connections to Life in Yemen

Most Americans associate Yemen with one or more of the following: kidnapping, corruption, poverty, qat, al Qaeda, terrorism, drones, and the USS Cole.

iEARN educators and students in Yemen, with the support of iEARN partner SOUL for Development, offer several alternative word associations:

Online Activism

iEARN-Yemen completes series of workshops in Hadramout

Meaningful Collaboration

Youth Empowerment

Training for Trainers Workshop

Professional Generosity

Community Service

Community Service

Professional Development

Professional Development

Hands-on education

Hands-on Education

Celebratory Sheet Cakes!

iEARN-Yemen teams up with Save the Children on workshops in Aden and Lahj

Enthusiastic Engagement

iEARN-Yemen Learning for Active Citizenship Workshop, Alhodiedah Governorate

Citizen Activism

iEARN-Yemen teams up with Save the Children on workshops in Aden and Lahj

Social Justice

iEARN-Yemen hosts Learning for Active Citizenship workshops, Hajjah Governate

Project-Based Learning

Youth Voices

iEARN-USA is privileged to be a partner of SOUL, and we’d love your help to increase the number of U.S. classrooms connected with Yemeni classrooms and increase the positive associations between US and Yemeni teachers and students.

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4 responses to “Bringing Global Connections to Life in Yemen”

  1. Samah AlJundi says :

    I am so thrilled to know that iEARN Yemen are so active…and so eager to start GCE projects to start learning from each other… Allah bless you all

  2. Hunaida yehya says :

    Hunaida yehya
    I would like to thank you Mr David potter for every things you have done for us
    there is no word can express our thankful to that words which you said it about Yemen and the yemeni people
    Thanks a lot

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